Tuesday, December 5, 2023

parkken NYC Street Parking App announces HUGE price cut

The parkken iPhone app, normally on sale for $4.99 is now available for 99¢. Wait, WHAT? 

How many percent drop is that? (80%)
Volume of ads (0%)

The app that answers your parking queries for any Manhattan street for any 12-hour period (and longer) you choose is now practically free. Unless you don’t think 99¢, in our current economic inflation, is basically FREE.

WHICH app, you ask. The parkken NYC Street Parking app that:

  • answers immediate queries on a Manhattan Block’s street parking rules
  • has a base map with an self explanatory display of our trademark Parking Clocks that show the parking rules in stunning detail (if you have the time to read it; if you don’t, just query)
  • includes garage and lot locations
  • remembers favorite locations
  • convenient Alt Side Parking Suspensions calendar

Parking Query options

WHY are we doing this:

Because we like people
Because with the rising costs of everything, we wanted to buck that trend and help NY Drivers
Because of the goodness of our hearts
Because like you we know too well that closing in of No Parking zones that like our oceans will continue to rise until we can no longer tread water
Because we want more of you to buy the thing, duh!

But seriously, this is an experiment that may not succeed and, fair warning, the price of the app may have to return to its previous level.

NOTE: the 99¢ Android version is now also out.

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