Friday, March 1, 2013

Parking Scofflaws We Hate

We've all heard of the infamous NYC parking scofflaws. The ones who amass hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. They have a glove compartment full of old tickets; their back seat is papered with orange and white; and the lowliest of them just throw their latest tickets on the street.
Somehow, they don't get towed like the rest of us, seem to be above the reality we live in, even make a funny character in films and TV or the media. Maybe we even root for them, get a vicarious thrill that, at least, someone is getting parking spaces in this town. But the city would have us believe they are scourge of legal street parking everywhere. Maybe they are, but there is one kind of parking scofflaw that the city is not interested in. These don't bring in revenue, but in a very real day-to-day way do deprive us of good parking spaces and for no good reason.

Here is a good example:

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