Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Phantom Space (or Public Advocate Helps Fight Tickets).

Angry about school closings? Even angrier about the school parking restrictions that linger on, long after the students have been shuffled elsewhere, like the wandering shade of a Schools Chancellor who couldn’t commit? Join the congregation.
Tired of passing that huge space on both sides of a rusted, hollowed out fire hydrant that hasn’t worked for years but is menacingly haunted by the ticket agents of firefighting past? You too can be saved.
Are you a victim of last year’s DOT ticket writing strategy for parking in bus stops where buses no longer exist? The bus service, those routes, were killed but the rattle of their engines could be heard at all hours of the night in the DOT front office as the tickets kept coming in and we were supposed to keep paying until the news media publicly embarrassed the DOT and their Finance Department agreed to forgive any of those tickets if you were lucky enough to have not already paid [post].
Well now, contrary to what you may have read in this blog a few weeks ago, we have another way to fight off these malicious spirits, to exorcise those parking spaces held in limbo by the DOT and ransomed by you and me, and even help your fellow New Yorkers along the way. Bill de Blasio (our public advocate for the city of New York) has created a web page to speed the update of parking signs in areas where the reasons for a parking prohibition no longer exist and to even help victims of those improperly marked parking restrictions beat those tickets (call his office at 212-669-7250 and “we'll work to get your tickets dismissed.”)
What with those agents writing tickets with their sixth sense and parking taxes as steep as they are, even the ghost of a space is important.

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