Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Canceled Bus Stop Are Legal Parking!

The city recently closed 570 bus stops but the ghosts of those Bus Stops have been haunting New Yorkers as if they have revenge on their minds. Any optimistic souls who saw "another door open" when the MTA slammed its door on these Bus services, are having a rude awakening. The city has been writing tickets for "Parking in a Bus Stop" in these spaces, even though they are no longer bus stops. Hmm. These new methods for increasing city revenue are truly creative. Who knows where the innovation will end? Maybe they can ticket people, mistakenly waiting for a bus at these closed stops, for loitering, or maybe the city should try to collect '01 - '10 business taxes from the World Trade Center? Whatever they come up with next, we do have some watch dogs on our side.

Sometime right around the moment when the the Wall Street Journal inquired about the fairness of these tickets, the practice has been miraculously stopped. The city has had a moral re-centering. But, if you do get such a ticket, be sure to contest it: "a spokesman for the city's Finance Department said the city will dismiss all tickets that were issued for parking at the discontinued bus stops. But the recipient of the ticket must first contest the ticket."

Check out the Wall Street Journal article for more info.

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