Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crime With No Punishment

Here is an entertaining little story I found from The Consumerist about some real lowlifes who will lie to everybody and inconvenience anybody for a few more bucks. They put up phony NYPD No Parking signs (and cones!) to steer drivers to their nearby garage. The most amazing part is there doesn't seem to be any punishment meted out for depriving drivers of convenient, cheap parking; shop owners of business that was scared off; and the city of their meter fees.
Now if we rank those late night doormen who decorate our street curbs with their yellow paintbrush to shrink even further what little available parking space we have in the 3rd circle of Hell for Gluttony, how low should these imposters have to go? Why not show your opinion by answering our simple poll to the right.

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