Saturday, October 30, 2010

Seeing double or just Two Alternate Side Oases the next two weeks?

You're not celebrating too much. It's not a mirage! Park the Car for Thursday like I did today (10/30) and you don’t have to move it again until next Tuesday! You know the “next” that means the second Tuesday from today. That’s 11/9. We are talking nine (9) hallowed, democratic, light-filled, Alt Side-free days you don’t have to move your car. You can move it! You just choose not to.
Then, after moving it for Tuesday, 11/9, thanks to Veterans Day and the typical OFF days (the Wed/Sat and, of course, Sun OFF days for most of us), you are good for another five (5) days!
I’m not even going to mention the three (3) Suspended Days the week after!
For a complete calendar of Alternate Side Suspensions go to our web site.


  1. Parallel Spaces,

    I am writing you on the behalf of Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez to encourage you to join us in the fight for parking reform. We wanted to make you aware of Intro 375, which is a proposed bill by the Council Member aimed at solving the problems faced citywide with alternate side parking. Intro 375, would allow drivers to park on the restricted side of a street if the street has already been cleaned or if they remain in their cars and are ready to move when the street is ready to be cleaned. On Tuesday, November 9th at 10:00AM at 250 Broadway you can come and testify to the City Council’s Transportation Committee on the importance of this bill and sign the petition in support of Intro 375. If you are interested in writing on this bill and joining us in this fight for reform, please contact the Legislative Director Megan Sallomi at or (212)-788-7053.